Play With Your Friends and Family on PS5

CALLING ALL PLAYERS: PlayStation® is expanding its community of players to include gamers from all walks of life, across a broader range of ages and backgrounds. This includes enabling users who’ve yet to make their mark in the world of interactive entertainment to join forces with veteran gamers, no matter their interest or skill level.

Party mode lets you connect and play with up to seven friends on the PS4™ system, and it will be available upon the launch of the next generation PlayStation® console in 2019. With party mode on your PlayStation®, you can team up in a group chat while playing a variety of online games, which means more opportunities to collaborate with others in real time across the different systems.

How to Join a Party on PS5

On ps5 you will be able to join a party with just 1 press of a button on the touch pad, by saying “join party” or “party” into your microphone. It’s that easy! no need to go into a separate menu to do it, though there will also be an option for manually doing so if voice control isn’t your thing.

Normally when you start a game on your own for the first time, it will ask you if you want to start this new game in Party Mode instead. Make sure to tell your friend that if this option comes up dialog box asking ‘yes/no’ just press Yes and then let them know they need to do the same thing as well for you to join each other.

* The one caveat is that if the game has a player limit, then the host needs to have enough open spots in order for both of you to get into that session. If it’s four people max and there are already four people in there at the same time….well…..tough luck!

What you Need to Know About Parties on PS5

(1) Party Mode is where all the cool kids hang out.

– The first thing you need to know about Party Mode on PS5 is it’s designed so that everyone can join in and have fun.

– That sounds easy enough, but what does it mean for real? It means that if a friend wants to play a game with you, they just have to press a button on the touch pad and say “join party” or “party” into their microphone.

– No more worrying about your friend joining you online because then all that stuff is taken care of for them automatically.

(2) If you’re the host of a Party Mode game, this is what you need to know.

– If you want to be the host of a Party Mode lobby, then here’s what you do:

▪️ Make sure the room has enough open slots for those who want to join

▪️ Go into a game that supports a full party or find a friend and start up a private lobby together.

– Once you’re in a full lobby with at least one other friend, then everyone should be able to see it and join.

▪️ If your friend prefers voice chat (which is definitely recommended for this mode), you can ask them to say “join party” into their microphone when they want to join the room. Then, when their icon shows up in your party list, you can choose “yes” to let them in.

▪️ If they have a preference to use text chat instead, they should just type the word “party” into their messaging bar when they want to join. You will be able to see this notification too and once you invite them, they’ll be added to your party.

(3) If you’re the follower of a Party Mode game, this is what you need to know.

– The only way for a friend to join a Party Mode lobby with you is if they are following your game. So in order to follow someone, all you have to do is go into your game and press the square button to bring up the menu.


You’ve seen what you need to know about the party mode on ps5. This is an awesome feature that will allow gamers with all different types of skill levels to have fun together.

PS5 Parties are so easy to use, even I can do it!

Now go out there and have some fun gaming with your friends on PS5!

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